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Solar sludge dryer system

It is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly solution

It is based on greenhouse and wind effects where the sludge is mechanically mixed with a mixing device periodically at a greenhouse. The operation of the plant is fully automated and can be monitored from a remote location. Totally safe and efficient system was the most advantageous solution.

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Usage Areas

Drying of dewatered excess sludge from WWTP

Soil remediation

Manure drying

Arrobot 2000 Mixer

ARGES ® ARROBOT 2000 is a mixer that moves on a moving bridge. It has 6 axis control. Arrobot was designed and developed by Arges Concept R & D department. It is designed to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum energy.

  • Right + Left
  • Back + Forward
  • Up and Down + Rotates on its axis


Dewatered sludge passes through certain stages


The system, which runs in fully automatic mode, performs the loading phase first. At this stage, the sludge is loaded into the system by conveyors and gates that runs automatically to set off to the area where it will be dried.


Upon completion of the loading process, the sludge that reaches the greenhouse is spread evenly over the area and ready for drying by Arges Arrobot 2000 periodically.

03Mix and Dry

Arrobot and Fans work together during mixing and drying. While the sludge spreading into the greenhouse is continuously mixed by Arrobot's periodic movements provided on 6 different axes, drying process is realized by the air wave coming from the fans.


After the mixing and drying phase, the sludge which is completely dried is automatically transported out of the greenhouse in the discharge stage.

Inlet/Exhoust & Recirculation Fans

One of the important parts of the system are fans

Greenhouse is designed with inlet/exhaust and recirculation fans. Inlet fans controls air temperature and pressure inside the greenhouse. There is always a positive pressure inside the greenhouse so that no ambient air will flow into the greenhouse. Inlet fans are sucking a huge amount of air inside the green house that will as well, stops the anaerobic condition and odor will be diluted. Inside the greenhouse the drying process is not only dependent on the solar radiation but as well as on the wind effect, which is maintained inside the greenhouse by several recirculating fans. Recirculation fans maintain a steady air inside the greenhouse.


Highlights of the system

  • Sludge can be supplied at any point or points by means of any way inside the Greenhouse.
  • Sludge will be spreaded in transversal or longitudinally direction as operator wishes.
  • No wheels tires etc.
  • It is fast and consumes less energy than a full bridge.
  • Good mixing of sludge combine with recirculation and supply of air will maintain odorless environment.
  • It will reach to every part of the greenhouse with no difficulties.
  • It has the buffering ability for wet and dried sludge inside the greenhouse.
  • Optimal sludge height can be maintained at any time.
  • Turning speed and movement speed can be arranged for an optimum result.
  • ARGES®ARROBOT 2000 can be taken out from the green house in a short time for repair.
  • Maintenance is easy and comfortable outside of the greenhouse.
  • All sludge touching parts are SS 304 as standard or SS 316 as per request.

Planning & Project Design


Geographical and climatic conditions of the region, sludge properties are carefully investigated during the planning stage. At this stage, the most appropriate solution is decided according to the researches and analyzes.


All the processes required for the implementation of the solution, which is decided to be implemented at the planning stage, begin with the design stage. During the design phase, all the features of the plant are taken into consideration in a concrete way.


Discovery and Analysis

All data such as ambient temperature, solar radiation, wind and altitude are collected and evaluated. The exploration and analysis phase plays an important role for the project to reach the targeted result and meet the needs.

Calculation & Engineering Design

Calculations are made according to customer needs and the data obtained during the analysis phase. As a result of these calculations, the design phase begins. At this stage, the experienced engineers of Arges Concept manage the process.


All equipment and systems are produced according to design with high quality and in accordance with international standards. During the production of the equipment, the delivery date of the plant is taken into consideration and production is completed on time.

Quality Control

The Quality Control unit staff of our company provides quality control at every stage of production. After each equipment has passed quality control, it sets off from the production facility to our customers.

After Sales Services & Spare Parts

Once the product is installed and commissioned, we always support our customers to meet all their requirements.


You can contact us to discuss your next project and learn more about our solutions.