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Package type treatment plants

Our compact prefabricated plants are specially designed to meet the needs of each customer.

Package Type WWTPs are usually called as decentralized systems. They might be preferable when the land has less slops and the sewage line should go deep. In this case small capacity units, constructed in a short distance near the source will be more suitable to use and the treated water can be used to irrigate the recreational areas.

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Usage Areas

Small communities


Resort areas

Labor camps


Service stations

Camping sites

Construction sites


Long experience on package wastewater treatment plant is now combined with the advanced technology of microfiltration membranes which is the key technology for future wastewater treatment.

  • Compact design
  • Efficient screening
  • Preassembled, easy to transport
  • Smaller area requirement than any other method
  • Better effluent quality
  • Solid free effluent from the reactor
  • Advanced nitrogen and phosphorus
  • High flexibility due to the modular design


Enhanced activated sludge process

All stages used in wastewater treatment have been included in MARTI MBBR in which enhanced activated sludge process with moving bed high efficiency biofilm is applied.

MBBR Advantages

Advantages of MBBR

  • Proven practical and economic solutions
  • Flexible to population fluctuations
  • Odor free, clog free, quick start up, robust operation
  • Minimum attendance
  • Excellent treatment efficiency
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • Excellent microbial growth
  • Quick start up

Planning & Project Design


Based on our long-term experience, we carefully investigate the wastewater characteristics, location and climatic conditions of the STP, taking into account the laws and regulations on the treatment of wastewater. We make planning according to the information obtained as a result of the researches. Taking all this data and customer needs into consideration, we offer the most appropriate solution.


All the processes required for the implementation of the solution, which is decided to be implemented at the planning stage, begin with the design stage. During the design phase, all the features of the plant are taken into consideration in a concrete way.


Discovery and Analysis

All data collected is evaluated, including customer needs and local laws and regulations. The exploration and analysis phase plays an important role for the project to reach the targeted result and meet the needs.

Calculation & Engineering Design

Calculations and design are made according to customer requirements using engineering programs with proven international requirements based on the data obtained during the analysis phase. At this stage, the experienced engineers of Arges Concept manage the process.


All equipment and systems are produced according to design with high quality and in accordance with international standards. During the production of the equipment, the delivery date of the plant is taken into consideration and production is completed on time.

Quality Control

The Quality Control unit staff of our company provides quality control at every stage of production. After each equipment has passed the quality control, we set out from the production facility to our customers.

After Sales Services & Spare Parts

Once the product is installed and commissioned, we always support our customers to meet all their requirements.


You can contact us to discuss your next project and learn more about our solutions.