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Discovery and Analysis

Accurate exploration and analysis builds solid project foundations

Data collection, customer needs, environmental laws and regulations are the basis of the discovery and analysis phase. At this stage all data are carefully collected and analyzed. Before proceeding to the design and implementation phase of the project, the data collected during the exploration and analysis phase provide advance information about future problems and needs that may arise.

Arges Concept produces solutions according to the results of the exploration and analysis stages in order to meet the needs of the customers in the future without any problems and to work with maximum efficiency.

Calculation & Engineering Design

Our expert, experienced engineers manage the whole process

Calculations and design are made according to customer requirements using engineering programs with proven international requirements based on the data obtained during the analysis phase. At this stage, the experienced engineers of Arges Concept manage the process.

Every detail is carefully reviewed and calculated during the implementation of the most appropriate solution to customer needs. This stage, which requires high engineering experience, is the backbone of the projects.


International standards and high quality production

All equipment and systems are produced according to design with high quality and in accordance with international standards.

Each equipment is designed to meet customer needs and is suitable for many years of use. During the production of the equipment, the delivery date of the plant is taken into consideration and production is completed on time.

Quality Control

We maintain standards at every stage

The Quality Control unit staff of our company provides quality control at every stage of production. In order to ensure that the produced equipment reaches our customers smoothly and completely, we pass all the equipment quality control after the production stage.

After each equipment has passed quality control, it sets off from the production facility to our customers.

After Sales Services & Spare Parts

We are with our customers after sales

Once the product is installed and commissioned, we always support our customers to meet all their requirements. We provide the necessary services and equipment in case of any problems or needs of our customers.


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