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About Us

We offer solutions to European quality standards all over the world

Our company, which has been active in the sector since 1985, has started to operate in Romania as Arges Concept since 2012. As a European company, Arges Concept works in the field of waste water management. Arges Concept, which continues to develop by using new technologies to significantly increase the efficiency of waste water management, has reached a leading position by using its experience and engineering capabilities in its sector.

Arges Concept, which has expertise in various fields, offers solutions in the fields of MBR (membrane technology), MBBR (moving bed bio-reactor), sludge drying (solar energy) and management. In our advanced production unit, we design, produce and install a Package Type Wastewater Treatment Plant for the needs. In addition, Arges Concept, which has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Solar Sludge Drying Systems, manufactures high quality equipment with its expert staff and is ahead of its competitors in the design, production and support stages. Arges Concept is unrivaled in the industry thanks to the quality standards we provide with our facilities and the organizations we cooperate with and the high efficiency we achieve.

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Mission + Vision + AIM


Arges Concept designs, develops and installs wastewater treatment plants and solar sludge drying systems for a sustainable future. It protects natural resources and ensures the reuse of natural resources.


Developing special solutions for the needs and conditions, Arges Concept has made it its vision to offer the most appropriate solution to its customers. We aim at high quality and efficiency in our special solutions.


Arges Concept, which aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction since its inception, has never compromised on quality in this way. Arges Concept will continue to work with 100% customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs without any problems.


High standards of service to suit customer needs

Arges Concept provides quality management, coordination, production and installation services worldwide. The company has developed its expertise since its inception and its aim is to provide customers with high standards of installation and service. It is Arges Concept's policy to provide services in line with customer needs and budget. All employees and managers of Arges Concept are constantly improving their Quality Policy through quality control improvements they provide. In addition, suppliers and subcontractors with whom our company cooperates work within the framework of this quality policy and aim to ensure customer satisfaction. Arges Concept fulfills all the quality procedures it undertakes in the projects it has done and will do.


We offer services with advanced technology and experienced engineering

Arges Concept builds facilities that provide maximum efficiency with the advanced technology it uses. By combining our long years of experience and engineering skills with advanced technology, we offer advantageous solutions for every need.

Let’s talk How us works together?


The design phase, which is one of the most important stages in the projecting process, begins after all necessary discoveries and analyzes are made and the best solution is designed to achieve the targeted result.


The project is designed with great care and attention to the production process and is produced with the engineering capabilities of Arges Concept. The production process is completed with high quality materials, expert staff and advanced technology.


During the installation stage, experienced engineers of our company carry out the process. Our company personnel continue their duties until the installation service we provide all over the world is completed without any problems.


Arges Concept designs and implements the most suitable automation system for customer needs. As in every stage, maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction is targeted at this stage.


After the installation phase is completed, Arges Concept engineers initiate the commissioning process. Commissioning at the site is also a quality control process. The trouble-free operation of the plant means that the commissioning process is complete.

Term of Service

We stand by our customers at every stage

Arges Concept stands by its customers in all of the project processes and provides 100% support until the processes are completed. Our company, which is aware of its responsibility in the projects, continues to support until it reaches the targeted result.


At this stage, all necessary information is collected from our customers and all needs are taken into consideration. According to the information obtained, the most suitable and advantageous solution is provided to meet the needs.


The most suitable equipment is selected for the designed project and the production stage is started. In this process, our employees work with maximum care. Efforts are made to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of facilities to meet the needs of our customers.


Once the plant is installed and commissioned, we always support our customers to achieve the targeted result and achieve maximum efficiency.


What sets us apart


Arges Concept always designs and applies with forward thinking. With this feature, the future needs and problems that may occur in the solution of the pre-thinking and always running smoothly produces systems.

Constant Growth

Aiming to establish facilities all over the world, Arges provides unlimited service with the goal of continuous growth. It carries high quality standards in different geographies.


Arges Concept, which cares about the smallest details at every stage of the projecting process, ensures trouble-free, timely delivery and installation.


Arges Concept is a European-based company with advanced technology, industry experience and high engineering capabilities and is unrivaled in its sector. However, Arges Concept, which is as modest as it is capable, provides services all over the world without considering whether the projects are big or small.


It embraces and protects nature with all its beauties. Arges conducts processes in all projects considering the protection of nature, does not take part in a project that will harm the nature and maintains its services for the protection of natural resources.

Hi-Environmental Awareness

Our company, which is continuing its studies about the rapidly depleting natural resources and the problems to be experienced in the future, is doing its best to leave a livable world to future generations thanks to its high environmental awareness.


Arges Concept carries out all processes with great care in order to fulfill its responsibilities. Arges Concept, which maintains a mutual trust relationship with its customers, has always been a trusted company by fulfilling its responsibilities in a timely and complete manner.


Arges Concept team, which has expert engineers in the field, who have completed successful projects in the sector for many years, produces fast and effective solutions to all needs and problems thanks to the sector experience.


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